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Hope Burwell is a professional.

With each published book my understanding of the nature of reality, the focus of my writing, has progressed.  The same cannot be said for my command of the English language, however.   Thanks to Hope’s professionalism and ability to work with even the most cantankerous of clients, my work has been taken seriously.  Thank you Hope. 

-David Kreiter, Crop Circles: A Message of Information and Meaning

Hope Burwell possesses the skills.

Writing is a very personal activity. Hope possesses the skills to critique in an encouraging and supportive manner. Work with Hope and your writing will improve. She is my writing Guide.

-Bob Burnes

Hope Burwell has been a great help.

Hope has been a great help in providing ideas and editing my dissertation, my book and research articles. I have used her several times and she has always been helpful and quick in dealing with urgent deadlines. She is quick to give me feedback and helped me expand on my ideas so that I covered all areas of the topic.

-J. Jewell

It was an important experience working with Hope Burwell.

My parents were worrying about the amount of time I was spending on writing a science fiction novel and bugging me to "get outside, go hang with some of your friends." My Dad agreed to leave me alone if I got a professional's opinion of my writing and the book and said he'd pay up to $200 for it.

Hope was recommended to me and it was a really important experience working with her. She explained things to me about writing fiction that no other teacher had ever introduced to me - like the importance of controlling the Point of View, and some tricks of the trade that really improved the sound and movement of my sentences. And she did it for less than $200!



​Hope Burwell

Hope Burwell is exceptional!

Hope is exceptional!  I could not ask for a better reader and editor. She has worked with me on essays and articles as well as a book manuscript. Her feedback is clear and useful, and she has a strong sense of narrative and craft. She is an astute reader of structure, organization and story-line, helping to shape, tighten and strengthen prose without changing the voice or intent of the writer. She also has a sharp eye for language, grammar, punctuation and sentence-level editing.  She is clear about the scope of work, timelines and fees and always meets deadlines. When I have a challenging project, a specific editing need, or want feedback on a piece of writing, she is the first person I turn to.   

-Sue Futrell, author.

Great Experience

I had a great experience working with Hope on my family/personal history book. I worked on this book for about two years and loved the project. The book follows my family history from the mid 1800s through two world wars and the Holocaust, Communism and our eventual immigration to the United States. I ended up with a 300 page book that was written in heavily accented Hungarian English and was somewhat disorganized. It followed four families (the grandparents of my wife and I) and the chronology was a bit confusing. People were mentioned in some early sections, disappeared for a hundred or so pages and later reappeared without appropriate pointers.

Hope took my book under her wings and greatly improved it without removing my individual style. She even left my irreverent humor intact, an accomplishment I greatly appreciate. She fixed my “Hungarian accent” without making the text overly Americanized. I do not know what others think about the final product, but I like it and Hope greatly improved the original text.

 It was also a pleasure to interact with Hope. She was timely, concise, and adopted easily to my working style. After we finished and self-published my book, Phoenix, on Amazon, I recommended Hope to my sister, who was translating her husband’s Holocaust experience from Hungarian to English. My sister also had a great experience working with Hope.
-Tamas I. Gombosi
    Konstantin Gringauz Distinguished University Professor of Space Science
    Rollin M. Gerstacker Professor of Engineering
    The University of Michigan

Every writer should be so lucky as to work with Hope Burwell.

In addition to being a versatile essayist with many excellent publications, Hope is a master teacher, coach, and editor. As her former colleague, I knew many students who spoke very highly of Hope as a teacher. After co-teaching several linked courses with her I found out why: with a graceful blend of humor, prodding, and care tuned to each individual, she helps motivated students grow as writers.

After I left teaching, for seven years I too benefited from Hope's perceptive editorial comments as her colleague in a writing group. Though now she lives miles away, when I want the best of readers/editors, I still seek out Hope.

-Suzanne Kelsey, freelance writer

I had a very pleasant experience working with Hope Burwell.

I had translated a memoir of about 120 pages to English. I needed somebody to make sure that the translation was grammatically correct without losing the original author's idiosyncrasies. Hope understood exactly what I was looking for and delivered the corrected manuscript in a very short time.

-Eva Bozoki 

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